Youth Reports

JAMRS' research on the youth market includes surveys, polls and other customized studies to help evaluate youth attitudes, impressions, behavior and knowledge in connection to their likelihood to serve. Additionally, these studies examine the relationships between youth and the adults who influence them.

Document Title Survey Date File Size
Youth Poll 20 December 2010 PDF, 2.9MB
Youth Poll 19 June 2010 PDF, 2.3MB
Youth Poll 18 December 2009 PDF, 2.38MB
Youth Poll 17 June 2009 PDF, 2.49MB
Youth Poll 16 December 2008 PDF, 3.94MB
Youth Poll 15 June 2008 PDF, 2.01MB

Influencer Reports

These reports present key findings from the Influencer Polls. Periodic polling of the influencer market, which is described as non-parent audiences, helps track attitudes, impressions and behavioral intentions as they relate to and affect military enlistment.

Document Title Post Date File Size
Influencer Poll 10 June 2008 PDF, 1.79MB