JAMRS' research and study initiatives provide valuable insight for recruiting professionals. These projects explore the perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes of American youth, their likelihood to join the Military, their awareness of and reactions to military outreach efforts and advertising, and other variables that may be related to military recruiting. Understanding these factors is critical to the success of sustaining an All-Volunteer Force and helps ensure the Services' recruiting efforts are directed in the most efficient and beneficial manner.

Various agencies and branches of the U.S. government, including the departments of Defense and Homeland Security, use JAMRS' research findings. The departments of Labor and Education, as well as Congress, also use these findings in their reports. By understanding young adults' plans and aspirations, public officials can do a better job providing services and allocating resources.

JAMRS is currently conducting the following surveys:

  • 2012 Media Survey: This survey gathers information about young adults' habits and attitudes toward various forms of media.
  • Futures Survey: This biannual survey gathers information about young adults' education and career plans.
  • Medical Student Survey: This survey gathers data about medical students' interest in and awareness of public sector medical careers.

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